Bienvenidos to Spanish Studies/Estudios Hispanos

Acadia offers a variety of Spanish classes and facilities to meet your interests and needs. Classes are small, generally fewer than 30 students, who learn through structured activities, classroom participation, and multimedia presentations. Students are able to function in a Spanish-speaking environment by the end of their first year and can achieve fluency in both spoken and written Spanish after three years of study. Emphasis is placed on the communication skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, and on exposure to elements of the Spanish and Latin American cultures.

Spanish Studies offers you:
- Classroom emphasis on language and culture
- Small classes allowing personal attention
- The newest technology in teaching and learning a foreign language
- Tutoring by senior students
- Students in their second or subsequent years of study in the Spanish program are eligible to apply for a position as a teaching assistant
- Opportunities abroad
- An added edge on an already competitive career world
- And, just for fun, cultural evenings, meals, movie nights, and "fiestas" organized by   the  department or the Club Hispano.